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Kenya Mission


Aldersgate has been involved in mission work in Kenya since 2003 when a Kenyan, Rev. Peter Mageto, and his family moved to our church compound. He was working on his PhD dissertation for Garrett Theological Seminary and we had an empty house!
4 Evansville Signature School students helped him realize his dream of having a library in his home village, by raising funds and having a beautiful library (The Amani (Peace) Reading Centre) built by local Kenyans in Peter’s village in the southwestern part of Kenya.

Since then, we have brought 14 teams to the village to inaugurate the library and then hold Medical/Dental/Eye/Lab/Pharmacy Camps in the Library, have funded the drilling of a borehole well which now pumps clean, consistent water serving 1000s of people in surrounding villages, and brought electricity to the area. We have worked with the local Riakong’a Methodist Church, along with Peter Mageto and his brother, Clement Maiko, in planning and implementing projects.

6 years ago we began working with another village 2 hours away, initiating a child sponsorship program for those in the Dago Early Childhood Development program. 

Our yearly or twice a year trips include both villages and we have wonderful relationships with many people there who are in an integral partnership with us.

In February 2017 and 2018 we brought an ophthalmologist and surgical equipment with us, and did our first ever cataract surgery. People from the village are now able to see! The program is going to continue into the future.

Our next mission trip will be in February, 2019. If you would like to be part of the team, please email Rev. Lynn Renne at

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