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Sunday Night Youth Group


Sunday Nights

Time: 6th-8th grade, 5-6 pm | 9th-12th grade, 4-5 pm

Location:  Youth Center

Activities:  Games, Snacks, Worship, and Bible Study

Adults are invited to donate snacks, sweets or beverages for youth group and special events.

Typical evening consists of:

  • Gathering time with snacks, sweets and beverages (all free unless a student prefers to purchase a soft drink, which we keep stocked in the fridge for 25-50 cents each--honor system with a bank on top for change). Students can also play rec room games during this time: pool, ping-pong, air hockey, mini-basketball, foosball, giant connect four or giant jenga
  • Worship - Nick plays awesome guitar and sings!
  • Bible study/topical discussion- we read verses, we dissect them to really understand the meaning, we talk about how they relate to the topic at hand and our lives in general. There are no stupid questions--everyone should feel free to ask anything they wonder about!
  • Game time - sometimes goofy games that tie in with the lesson, and sometimes typical youth group games like capture the flag, sardines, volleyball, etc.