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New Year's Day Lock-in

Fun, Games, Field Trip, Concert, Entertainment, Food and Shenanigans!

Bring as many friends as you would like, but they must all have a

NEW 2016 Annual Permission Slip/Medical Form filled out and signed by a parent/guardian! (Click on the underlined words to get yours).

What to bring:

[] Sleeping Bag or sheets/blanket (air mattress optional, but couches are for adults and youth helpers)

[] Pillow

[] Something comfortable to sleep in, such as sweats --ALL clothing worn at the lock-in must be decent--nothing revealing in any way.

As usual, girls and female leaders will be given the area inside the glass-blocked walls and boys and male leaders will take the other side of the downstairs for sleeping.

WE WILL NOT stay up all night, but very late (like until 2 am), so be sure to take a nap during the day before you come, since you will have likely stayed up until midnight the night before for New Year's Eve. Make sense?  You should probably plan to take a nice, long nap on Saturday after you get home as well, since you do go back to school on Monday.

During the lock-in, we will divide up younger and older kids for some activities, whenever possible. We could really use some additional adult volunteers in order to do more of that. Please contact Cynthia if you are able to help. Feel free to text me if you have any questions or concerns, and if you don't have my number, email me at and I will gladly give it to youth and youth parents.