Volunteer at Aldersgate

There are many ways you can help others, and here at Aldersgate, we've made it simple. Browse through the selection below:


Bereavement Meals
Provide a meal at the church after a funeral service for family and friends

Bereavement Meals

After the funeral of a loved one, this group uses their hospitality and culinary talents to give the family and close friends a chance to enjoy a hot meal together and visit at the church. Volunteers are needed to bring food, help set up the buffet and assist in cleaning up. A wonderful way to use you gifts of hospitality and compassion!


Becky Heisler
(812) 853-6486

Aldersgate Office


Children's Sunday School

Children's Sunday School

Teach, Lead, or just help out! Contact Children's Ministry Director Nancy Roberts at (812) 477-7816

Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar

100% organic fair trade coffee is served hot each Sunday morning from 8 to 11 am. Hot tea and water bottles are also available, as well homemade goodies made specially by members of the congregation. Join us for coffee and community before or after the worship service!

The coffee bar is always seeking volunteers to serve coffee on Sunday mornings from 7:30-9:30 am or 9:30-11 am. We are also seeking volunteers to make homemade snacks for the coffee bar on Sunday mornings. If you are interested, please e-mail Annie Roberts at communications@aldersgateum.org.

Changes in the Food Pantry

Food Pantry

Aldersgate has faithfully maintained an emergency food pantry for many years, and the Missions Committee would like to thank all those who have supported our pantry. Unfortunately the number of requests for food assistance we have gotten in the past year has decreased to the point where we risk some of our food items going beyond their "best buy" dates.

The Missions Committee recently heard that the Patchwork Central Food Pantry is in desperate need of food; they routinely run out of food before needs are met and they would be happy to have us help keep their pantry stocked. Therefore, we have decided to partner with Patchwork and all food we collect at Aldersgate will be sent down to Patchwork to serve their community needs. (Donated funds will be used to purchase food for the Patchwork Pantry.) Rest assured, we will still be collecting food and funds at Aldersgate, but we will no longer maintain our own pantry. If you would like to help out with the Patchwork Pantry, please contact the church office and we will give you the appropriate contact information.


Open Court Basketball
Wednesdays 3–6pm  Adult mentors needed!


The gymnasium is open on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 6 pm from August to May to anyone to play basketball. The program began for Harrison High School students, but some graduates still come to play and the regular players bring friends. Attendance varies, but the typical attendance is about 20 players. 

Two people rotate chaperoning duties monthly, basically being available if someone needs ice for a jammed finger or can't find the restroom. Additional help will lighten the rotation and is always appreciated. Volunteers during the summer would allow the program to continue through June and July. 

The players also like granola bars for an energy boost. If you can help, donations of snacks may be brought to the Mission Donation hallway south of the church office. 

Contact Elzie McBride at emcbride@wowway.com if you are interested in helping with this program or have questions.


Quilters & Friends

Quilters & Friends

This group of women meets every Tuesday morning at 9 in Room 104. There are currently 5 members. Some of the women do the quilting on quilts that are brought to us to finish. Part of the proceeds from their efforts are used to purchase supplies to make lap robes for nursing homes and children's security blankets. In recent years, we have delivered lap robes to at least 12 different nursing homes in the Evansville and Newburgh area. Children's blankets have been given to organizations, such as Family & Children's Services, Christian Life Center, and Gilda's Club. We have also given to support missions and needs within the church, such as the high school breakfast program, purchase of 2 lap top computers for the church, and contributions to the permanent endowment fund. You can see our display in the case in the south hallway. We welcome anyone to join us! If you have questions, please contact Mildred Matthews at milliem7132@gmail.com. 



Serve in the Nursery

Serve in the Nursery

Do you like to rock babies? Sing nursery rhymes to toddlers? Read books to little ones? Would you please consider being a volunteer in the Aldersgate church nursery once a month for an hour? We sure could use some extra loving hands! The more volunteers we have, the more often young parents get the opportunity to hear the word of God during Sunday worship. Please contact Nancy in the church office for more details.

Wednesday Morning Breakfast

Wednesday Morning Breakfast

A gallant group of 15 church members get up early on Wednesday mornings to cook breakfast for the Harrison High School students, and 2 others have the groceries waiting for us. And the most gallant of all is Elbert who gets up at who-knows-when to have the doors open and coffee perking. (Everyone give Elbert a pat on the back; he deserves it.)

During the 2018 fall semester, an average of 108 students ate a breakfast of milk, juice, cereal, fruit, breakfast bars, and rotating hot items consisting of biscuits and gravy, pancakes and sausage, or breakfast burritos, and once a month they had donuts. Donations of breakfast bars are always appreciated. We serve Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, but any kind will be devoured. A basket for donations is located in the hall just south of the office.

The students often offer their appreciation for our service. In fact, one student who graduated last year still comes quite often before 6:00 to sit, eat, and just talk with some of us old geezers (referring to the guys, not the ladies). Rather AMAZING! Most students don’t come until the buses arrive around 7:00. But all have fun.

AUMC contact:
Elzie McBride